Why am I here?

You need a qualified math teacher!

A great math teacher is hard to find. Although there is no substitute for a qualified, experienced, and effective math teacher, Cool Math Guy (CMG) can help when a dream candidate is unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

CMG video math programs not only provide a veteran math teacher, they fully support the host teacher. Schools can deliver a complete math course that students enjoy, parents admire, teachers can easily manage (with CMG support) and schools save money.

” I began using Chalk Dust (now Cool math Guy) with my oldest son when he started Pre-Algebra. We continued with these materials for his entire high school math career. He went on to make a perfect score in math on both the PSAT and the SAT.

I soon realized that he needed AP Calculus. I approached our small hybrid school about using Cool Math Guy videos and, having an engineering background, offered to proctor the class. That was over 10 years ago and we have been successfully using Cool Math Guy for all that time. Students, parents, and admin have all been very happy with the course. Students have gone on to be successful on the AP exam and in their college math courses. I regularly have students and parents come back telling me what a great foundation they received. We have now adopted these videos for many of our math courses and couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Cool Math Guy.” ~ SA, Teacher

What is included?

Video Instruction

Complete series of video tutorials organized by lesson/topic.

Testing Materials

Tests, practice tests, and answer keys.

Teacher Support

Personalized support from CMG.

Assignments and Worksheets

Assignment lists to build or supplement your curriculum.

Resources Guide

Instant Access

Instant Access to the lessons you need on any device.


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How Does it Work?
Using Video Instruction In Your Classroom

  1. Flip the classroom. Assign video(s) to watch and a textbook activity to complete before class meetings.
  2. Offer many options for help. If students get stuck on a math problem, they can (a) rewatch the video, (b) search the textbook for a similar example, (c) follow along to the answer in the step-by-step solutions guide, (d) save their question for class, or (e) contact Dana Mosely.
  3. Reinforce in class. Answer student questions and conduct activities such as worksheets, quizzes, or group discussions. It may help to rewatch the video as a class.
  4. Check student progress. Assign practice tests (in-class or take-home) at suggested intervals, usually following successful completion of several sections. Review as necessary according to student progress.
  5. Complete the chapter with the end-of-chapter test.

How Does it Work?
Getting Started

  1. Get textbooks. As classes form for the year and students register for math courses, send parents the ISBNs for textbooks and solutions guides. Links to online vendors can be found on the Cool Math Guy website.
  2. Collect funds for video access for each student. One-year access to the video program is $80 per student.
  3. Purchase the program. When a final headcount for a math class is known, proceed to Purchase Now and following directions for payment.
  4. Receive assess codes for students and the teacher. Once checkout is complete, a coupon code for the number of students entered will be received by the purchaser, plus one more code for the teacher to access ALL CMG videos.
  5. Distribute codes and setup instructions. The coupon codes will include step-by-step setup instructions.

What are the benefits?

For Students

  • Math delivered by a qualified instructor to
    foster understanding & retention
  • Engaging video format

Ideal for digital natives:

  • Rewind, fast forward to important parts
  • Watch as many times as needed
  • Available whenever, from wherever, on
    any device

For Teachers

  • Instant access to all videos on
  • – to help teachers become
    more effective in their role

Making it easier to teach:

  • All videos are accompanied by sources for
    textbooks (ISBNs and links to online vendors)
  • Includes suggested
    assignments and testing materials

For Parents

  • Solid math instruction in the home
  • Rigorous math courses on par or better
    than nearby schools
  • No need to teach math or hire a tutor

For Schools

  • Cost-effective way to procure a math teacher
    ($80 per student per year)
  • Fulfill broad spectrum math curricula
  • Improve school reputation & enrollment
  • Improve test scores

Lesson Samples:

Geometry Section 1.1 Sets, Statements and Reasoning

Prealgebra Section 1.5 The Order of
Operations Agreement

Algebra 2 Section 3.3
Slope and Graphs of Linear Equations

Calculus Section 6.1
Basics of Differential Equations

College Algebra Section 4.4
Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Arithmetic – 2.2 Introduction to Fractions

Who is the Cool Math Guy?

Dana Mosely is the video instructor and host of Cool Math Guy programs.
He has taught math to students at all levels, from middle school to advanced university courses:

7 years as a junior high math teacher
11 years as a high school math teacher
5 years as a full-time college math professor (and many years as an adjunct)

20 years as the on-screen host and producer of video programs for math textbooks published by the college divisions of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Cengage Learning, and DC Heath and Company (now a part of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

From the mid 1990s, Dana has interacted with homeschoolers, administrators, parents and their children via the Chalk Dust Company, publisher of Cool Math Guy video instructional programs.

Dana’s Teaching Style

Math comes alive—and becomes approachable—under the right teacher. Dana’s teaching style is conversational, engaging, and easy to understand. He has a knack for explaining complex math in what feels like a living room chat, taking the anxiety out of difficult or intimidating topics.

Do you have additional questions?

If you have questions that we didn’t answer here, contact us!


Students and Teachers Love Us!

  • We have home educated our children from the beginning and have 2 in college and 1 in high school.  Our two college-age children did great on their SAT's (thanks to their Chalk Dust Math and the SAT prep videos) and ended up getting full scholarships to a small, private college in Kentucky.  Now we're going through the high school math program again with our youngest child, who has always struggled with math.  Two years ago we did your Basic Math program and for the first time she understood math!  Last year she did Prealgebra.  Now she is sailing through Algebra I.  She understands it and has finally quit telling us she feels stupid!  Thank you for making this program so great!  Thank you for making it available to the home education community.  We will be eternally grateful. God bless you all.
  • You sir are an outstanding teacher of mathematics and related courses.  I have been teaching (students) mathematics for over 37 years and when I come across textbooks wherein you are hosting the video and/or DVD lectures, I look no further for math related materials; you are, as we say in Maine, “Top Shelf.

     I, as well as other of my colleagues, integrate your excellent presentations into our classes.  I'm very sure that our students have greatly benefited from your clear, precise, easy to understand explanations, and, that I have become a much better teacher as a result of your excellent work.  I wish you a long and prosperous journey as you continue teaching and sharing your great gift with others, through media as well as live in the classroom.  Thank you.

  • While checking over my daughter's math review today, I could see how much your math has meant to her since switching from another curriculum. Already after two sections of pre-algebra with you, her confidence is soaring.
  • We are planning for our daughter's junior year of high school next year. She has completed Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Your curriculum has been such a blessing to us.
  • Since the beginning of summer I have been thoroughly watching and sometimes studying your DVD's. These are rare gems of teaching and treasures for hungry student minds, absolutely on par with the Walter Lewin freshman physics videos at MIT. I am a structural engineer from California, so you know what I've already been through. My daughter, however, is a 12-year-old 8th grader, currently watching your algebra and trig series while doing algebra II at the high school. She loves your videos. I'm trying to capture everything you've done that will teach my daughter (and me) before she gets a butchered presentation in class. In closing I just want to thank you for what you've done. In this family, you are well appreciated.
  • Let me tell you, you have been a real life saver for me.  I watch your videos for at least an hour a day and have learned so much more from your videos than I have in class.  I just thought you might like to know that you are making a difference in my college education, and that I am really glad that I found your videos.  Your videos have helped me understand math unlike any teacher I've had.  My grades went south until I discovered your videos and I then proceeded to pass intermediate and advanced algebra without repeating once.  I finished my transfer degree last spring term due to your videos, I thank you greatly and you have no idea how much confidence your videos built up in me.


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