About Dana

Dana “Buck” Mosely is your host and instructor throughout the Chalk Dust video programs. Dana probably teaches math to more students than any other math teacher in the world and his relaxed and thorough presentation will show you why he is so popular.

Dana has over fifteen years of classroom teaching experience in grade levels from junior high school through junior college. Since 1989 he has been the primary video instructor for the college division of publishers D.C. Heath and Company, Houghton Mifflin, and Cengage Learning.

Credentials are one thing, but fundamental teaching ability is the essential element that makes math come alive. Dana’s teaching style is relaxed and easy to understand. He has a knack for explaining difficult math topics using living room conversation, and in so doing he takes the anxiety out of the most intimidating topics.

Video programs featuring Dana Mosely have been used to help educate tens of thousands of homeschool students. A testament to the effectiveness of the instruction is the fact that only a few students request help each day even though Dana offers his personal assistance to all of the thousands of students using his programs.

A Message from Dana Mosely to his Students and Parents


The closing of the Chalk Dust Company website is more of a transition than an end. My brother, Richard, retired and since he ran the website and handled marketing and shipping, we no longer sell textbooks and instructional DVD programs.

Here is what comes next. The coolmathguy.com website is where my videos are available to help students at various levels of mathematics. CMG (Cool Math Guy) offers the same products and support that Chalk Dust has offered for so many years. In fact, work is underway to include such things as practice tests, quizzes, and maybe even test-grading and tutoring services down the road. Parents will purchase used textbooks and access video online rather than via DVD. Full courses will be less expensive but parents will no longer have complete courses to hand down to other children and then resell.

One important element available on the CMG site that could not be part of the Chalk Dust site is a structure to help existing schools as well as homeschool families that want to join together to start a school. CMG has the math part of that process covered. For more information, check out a new part of the CMG site at coolmathguy.com/school.

I look forward to a continuation of service to homeschool families and I value the many relationships and stories shared over so many years.


Dana Mosely