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General FAQs

  • Do you offer sample problems or course books with each course?
    We do not offer any supplemental material at this time. However, the instructor does cover several example problems in each video segment and we do have a list of corresponding textbooks and solutions manuals that you may optionally purchase on your own.

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  • Can a school sign up for access to your program for students and teachers?
    Yes.  Just call the phone number on the website and we will set you up. You may also purchase group packages for your students using the "Educators" products on the site.  You might be interested to know that some schools use the video to train their teachers and many teachers use video to brush up on topics or to learn new ways to present them.  Some schools even use the video as their primary teacher. Upon purchasing one Educators Package, the teacher gets unlimited access to our entire Math library.
  • How do I know your video instruction will work with my child’s textbook?
    The Department of Education in each state produces a list of standards that students are expected to achieve in each course.  Those standards are remarkably similar from state to state and the major textbook publishers produce books that address those standards.  Therefore, the scope and sequence of math topics are remarkably similar from textbook to textbook and the video elements on this site address those standards as well.
  • What results can I expect if my kids use your video?
    There is no guarantee, but experience indicates a one letter-grade improvement or better for almost every student that uses the videos, even those with special needs.  That performance expectation is not unreasonable when you consider some of the differences between classroom instruction and video instruction:  
    1. Video instruction can be repeated
    2. Video instruction has no distractions
    3. Video instruction is available at any time of day
    4. Video instruction is available when the student is ill or on vacation
  • I’m considering a Math Tutor but they are expensive. Will your program be as effective?
    Video instruction is just as likely as a tutor to make a difference for students and it is much less expensive.  When watching the video, try to create a setting with few distractions.  Complete quiet is not necessary, but try to avoid any loud outbursts from other sources.  Apart from watching video, encourage the completion of homework in your classes. 
  • I like your presentation method, but how do I get my kids involved?

    Ask your children to watch one or two free sample sections with you.  Watch them as they watch the video.  You should know within moments if the video instruction is engaging them.  Ask if they follow the conversation and enjoy the presentation style.  [You are way ahead if they are onboard with the video instruction idea.]

    With their help, find where they are in their book.  Click on “Courses, Lessons, Prices and Checkout” and navigate to a course and table of contents.  Select the corresponding topic in the table of contents and follow the simple instructions for checkout.  Encourage your children to watch the video more than once for reinforcement.

  • What is the best way to get the most out of your video instruction?
    Although most students will seek help only when confused or behind, the most effective way to utilize the video instruction is to become proactive.  That is, watch video corresponding with classroom topics before the topics are presented in class.  Doing so will make math seem very easy and will enhance long-term memory of topics.
  • Can your programs replace a tutor?
    For many students, yes, but a good tutor, like a good teacher, is invaluable for some students.  It depends on the needs of the student so it might be wise to experiment a bit.  That is, try the video without a tutor at first and if you are not getting where you want to be, bring on a tutor.  If a tutor is needed for your child, you will find the videos will reinforce the tutor’s instruction, making both more effective.  By the way, some tutors already recommend our videos and use them to help their students.